LEET Subscription Bag

LEET Subscription Bag

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A monthly, recurring subscription bag that includes:

1. A themed trio of dips, filled by weight. Includes 2 samples (0.125oz) and 1 exclusive mini (0.25oz).
2. A 15% off discount code for purchases (new featured collection items are exempt until their successor releases)
3. Shipping fees included in cost. 

Sign ups begin on the 10th of each month and will remain open until 11:59 EDT on the 17th of the month OR until inventory is sold out. 

It would benefit you to be logged into your account before checking out. Once you have subscribed once, you will not need to resubscribe again. You can access your subscription in the account settings here on the website. There you can access a portal to pause or resume, skip, or cancel your subscription. The bags themselves will not ship until the end of the month, to hopefully have the packages in your mailbox by the 1st or 2nd of the next month. So when you purchase, you are purchasing about 2 weeks prior to shipping. 

The LEET bags are intended to be themed with "nerd" culture. The term “LEET,” also written as 1337, itself comes from late 90s / early 00s internet lingo. The term is a slang reference to the word “elite.” Every month on the day of sign-ups I will make a post announcing the theme with some helpful hints of what to expect, however the colors themselves will remain a mystery!

Subscription bags are currently only available in the US, wherever First Class Rate packages can be sent.

Pictures shown are manis from previous sub bags.