Shipping and Return Policy


Regular Fulfillment: I try to package all orders within 1-3 business days of receipt during standard business times. Regular orders are filled in the order they are received. Your shipping notification will be sent when I print the label; it will very likely take another 1-2 business days before you see movement on the tracking information. I schedule all packages to be picked up from my home the next mailing day after printing the label.

Theme Collection Releases & Sales: When a new collection releases, processing times can increase due to sales volume. Please allow 3-7 business days before expecting a shipping notification during a collection release or a major sale. Orders placed during the first few days after a collection releases have a different priority system than regular fulfillment. Orders placed that only include new items will be filled first, orders with additional items will be filled after, and any orders with cuticle oil will be last (as cuticle oils are filled per order to ensure peak freshness and shelf life).

If you are seeking shipping updates during a peak time, please refer to the Facebook group page.


Shipping is free for continental US purchases over $60. Orders under $30 are $4.50 and orders between $30-$59.99 are $5.75. International shipping is calculated at checkout. All items are shipping in 100% recyclable packaging. You can put the envelopes and padded mailer into your curbside recycling.

Route+ shipping insurance is on by default at checkout. Route is a third party company that protects your packages from theft, loss, or damage. You pay an insurance fee at checkout that is about $1; larger orders will have a scaling price around 1-2% of the total order price. 

Declining Route protection at checkout means you will be unable to request a replacement or refund for your order. Packages over 1lb will have USPS Priority insurance on them by default, but you will be responsible for following through with the claim through USPS, and their process may take weeks. By choosing Route+, when you file a claim and it is approved, Route will send the money to me for your order and at that point I can immediately send out new product or refund you, your choice. Packages under 1lb have no protection outside of Route, and the majority of orders fit within this category. 

I always try to make things right, but the reality of the situation is that once an order is fulfilled and in the possession of USPS, my part of the transaction is complete. Taking initiative to replace an order that USPS lost is a kindness that I do, because it's what I would hope for as a consumer. The problem with that is that no one reimburses my small business for the loss. Route is a way to help protect both the buyer and seller by handling claims quickly and efficiently.

I do not receive any of the fees from Route at checkout; they are directed straight to Route. There is no financial gain from my using their services, besides full financial compensation to serve my customers with when something happens to their orders. 

If your package is lost, stolen, or damaged, I would ask that you go through Route first and come to me second. That way you can already know what Route wants you to do. Be sure to get pictures if there's any damage. I do still want to be notified, but I cannot take action until I hear from Route.

Without insurance, Nerd Nails is not responsible for items damaged, lost in transit, or packages marked delivered but never show up.

FREE LOCAL PICK-UP: If you are in the Fayette County area and would like to pick up your package, you can choose local pick up at check out. When it is ready, I will send an email that your order is ready and arrange a day and time for you to pick up the order. There is a dropbox installed by the front door for contactless pick-up. Regular processing times still apply.

LOCAL DELIVERY: If you are in the Fayette County area and would like your package to be delivered, you can choose delivery at check out for $2. I will only deliver on Friday afternoons unless otherwise discussed. Regular processing times still apply.



Defective items: If you believe an item is defective, please contact us within 10 days of delivery. Products can be exchanged (or refunded if no longer available) at no extra charge. Photos and/or videos will be required for evaluation. The color that you see on your screen or monitor may differ from the actual color of a product. I try to post photos and/or videos with multiple lightings of each color to the Facebook group when I can to try and give a more "real" idea of the colors, but what your eye sees on your screen may not be the same as what my eye sees on mine or in person. Color variations will not be accepted as a reason for return. However, if you believe something is wrong with your color, I do want to try and talk it through with you to decide where to go from there.  

Missing items: If there is anything missing from your order, please contact us immediately so we can send your missing items right away. I do have a double check system in place, but I am still human and make errors occasionally. 


CONTACT: You I can be reached most easily through email ( or Facebook messenger. I do try to check email twice per day, but please allow 24 hours for response. Facebook Messenger for business is very spotty and sometimes does not give push notifications as it should, however this is probably still the quickest way to reach me.

PLEASE NOTE:  All jars are filled individually by weight. Each jar will have no less than it's advertised weight (0.125oz, 0.25oz, and 0.50oz), but often times there will be more due to the speed at which I'm filling the jars. Often times, it would be too much time and effort to try and get 0.02oz-0.05oz back out of a jar that I filled too quickly. This does not mean it will happen every time or that jars that look less full have insufficient weights. You will always get no less than the advertised amount; I truly do fill each jar individually on a scale. Cuticle oils are filled by measured volume.