LEET Subscription Bag

A monthly subscription bag paid with through PayPal. 

For $13.37 per month you get:

1. A set of 3 themed sample size dips. 
2. A small surprise
3. A 15% off discount code for purchases (sale items and current month collection items subject to exemption)
3. Shipping fees included

Sign ups begin on the 10th of each month and will remain open until 10PM EST on the 15th of the month OR until inventory is sold out. Some months this may vary due to holidays or personal needs  

Once you have subscribed once, you will not need to resubscribe each month. Your PayPal account will be charged on same day each month. You can cancel any time you need to through your PayPal (I find using the Messaging Center is the quickest way to do this). The bags themselves will not ship until the end of the month, to hopefully have the packages in your mailbox by the 1st or 2nd of the next month (barring any delays with USPS). To be clear, when you purchase a sub bag, you are purchasing around 2 weeks prior to shipping. .

The LEET bags are intended to be themed with "nerd" culture. Every month on the day of sign-ups I will make a post announcing the theme with some helpful hints of what to expect, however the colors themselves will remain a mystery!

Subscription bags are currently only available for the the 50 states and Puerto Rico. International orders will be refunded and cancelled  

You will need to make sure that your payment information and shipping address are correct on PayPal. Nerd Nails is not responsible for replacement for outdated address issues from PayPal.